Hula Hoops and Smiles in Mongolia 

IMG_3979 (Small)

People stare at me and my luggage when I walk through an airport. Their attention is drawn to what looks like a big shiny neon yellow and orange ring that is hanging over the handle of my pink carry on bag. My hula hoop.

Teeba, one of my good friends and a passionate hooper, suggested I try hooping as well. We both love to dance and besides being a great workout, hooping is a form of self expression and, if done to music, a form of dance. Her wedding present for me: a collapsible hoop that I could take with me on our world tour! I love it.

One of my goals on our journey is to get better at hooping (but more on that at a later point as I’m still in the beginner’s stage). However, so far the hoop also had another, unexpected effect on our journey. It helped us connect with people around us, bridging any cultural or language barriers. This shiny toy attracts attention. It sparks curiosity. From little kids to older people, without us prompting, they come over, pick up the hoop and just play. It’s as if the hoop brings out their inner child.

Here are a few impressions from Mongolia. The hula hoop helping us meet new people and creating lots of smiles.

3 thoughts on “Hula Hoops and Smiles in Mongolia 

  1. Hallo Ihr Lieben,

    Es ist unglaublich welche Freude man mit so einem Hula Reifen diesen Leuten dort machen kann und welchen Spass sie daran haben, besonders die Kinder. Hat sich gelohnt ihn mitzunehmen.
    Der Bericht über die Nahrung der Nomaden ist sehr interessant. Wie klug sie mit ihren natürlichen Resoursen umgehen und dabei zufrieden und glücklich sind. Toll sind die YouTube Videos. Sehr gute Bildqualität. Ihr seid mit den Pferden rassant unterwegs gewesen – Kompliment! Christian, wir bewundern deinen Mut lebende Fische zu schlucken. Bewegen die sich dann noch im Magen? Andere Länder, andere Sitten.
    Noch alles Gute

    Papa und Mama

  2. This post puts a BIG BIG BIG smile on my face. Can I share this post on facebook? Makes me so proud and happy!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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